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My qualifications

My greatest strengths include my analytical, problem-solving and communication skills, creativity, motivation and reliability. I can inspire others about a cause and use my services profitably for them. With a lot of self-confidence and a high level of self-motivation, I don't let failure discourage me. My experience is that I can quickly adapt to different situations and maintain good relationships. As a customer you can expect from me:

  • extensive programming knowledge
  • Good knowledge of web technologies and SEO
  • Good knowledge of databases
  • Good knowledge of end-user devices
  • Ability to identify problems and offer solutions
  • Experience in application development
  • Reliability

In order to implement truly sophisticated applications using the resources available, knowledge of the entire development process regarding conception, implementation, build management, quality assurance, practical use and maintenance is required. The software developer must be familiar with all common software types such as word processing, databases, vector graphics, image editing, compilers, etc. He must also understand the connections in various operating systems, distributed systems and the Internet and constantly educate himself based on new trends. I have been working in the field of software development since 2002 and can therefore describe myself as a “senior developer”. During these years I worked as an employee in many IT teams at companies and acquired very good market and industry knowledge. My activities included the conception, development and technical management of applications as products, projects, basic frameworks and modules. The assessment of my skills by colleagues and superiors was always very good. The existing knowledge makes my own entrepreneurial activities easier. I possess:

  • Completed vocational training as a Dipl. Inf (FH) with a degree in media informatics
  • Industry experience since 2002 in the area of software development with Java and Javascript
  • Some experience dealing with customers
  • Some knowledge of order acquisition and order costing
  • Sufficient commercial/business knowledge

To prove my qualifications, I will send my profile and CV upon request. A shortened version of my CV can also be viewed here and provides information about important stages in my professional career and the knowledge I acquired.

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